Do my experiences at home – as a foreigner – ring a bell?

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IN response to “Neighbours made me ill and my life a nightmare” (Letters to the Editor, Lincolnshire Free Press, April 3)

Just funny how you say that you are not a racist, yet you blame all the problems you have on foreigners?

I am a foreigner, I have worked hard for the last 12 years to establish myself in this country. I pay my taxes, work hard, and so does my wife, a foreigner too.

We bought a house, do not expect anything from anyone and do not cause trouble to anyone.

Don’t label me or my family as being bad because we are not British.

My neighbour is British. She has five or six children, I lost count after the last one she had.

She does not work nor does her partner, their children climb onto the fences that divide properties, throw stones over the fence, damaging my property, breaking everything in site.

When she shouts, the whole village can hear, arguments etc.

And this is a frequent occurrence.

They have a dog, abandoned in the corner of their yard, who whines all day long.

Does this sound a bit like your neighbors?

All people are good and bad no matter where they come from, you cannot label all people to be the same, because then you are a racist, because disliking someone because of their skin colour or where they come from is wrong.

I 100 per cent agree that people from other countries who make trouble, don’t work and disobey rules should be sent home at their own country’s expense and should not be here

They make me feel uncomfortable, but British people make me feel bad too.

Authorities should step up and make the town and country safe for all who want to live and contribute to the cause, no matter what nationality they are.

I think that is time that those of us who contribute, should get away from single minded thinking and blaming, and sort the biggest problem out, and that is to respect the person that stands beside you and what belongs to them, no mater what they are and those who don’t must be dealt with no matter who they are.