Disgusted that mobility scooter riders never say thanks for moving

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RE: Letter from July 24 edition – “I was injured in supermarket by OAP on a mobility scooter”

I would just like to add to the letter where the poor reader was injured by somebody on a mobility scooter in Sainsbury’s.

I always move out of the way for mobility scooters on the pavement in both Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge, but am disgusted that they don’t even acknowledge me or the fact they I have moved out of their way.

I moved to the area back in 2003 when my children were young, and as mentioned we always moved out of the way, but my children soon highlighted the fact by stating “why should we move out of their way, when there is no thank you?”

Hopefully, as teenagers, my children still keep up their manners, but it is very hard to push the point, which could then mean they don’t teach their own children in years to come.

I respect my elders, but as somebody once pointed out to me, respect where respect is due!

I, and others I have spoken, to believe that mobility scooter users ought to take a test before they use them.

I don’t mean a test about how to drive them, a provisional or proficiency test, as indeed cyclists need to do before they are safe in the public.

I am sure many users have never driven a car!


Sutton Bridge