Disaster is set to unfold here

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I wonder if your readers are aware of the disaster set to unfold in Lincolnshire over the next 20 years.

One such proposal for 288 turbines, called the Triton Knoll Cluster, is planned some 28 miles off Mablethorpe, the developer being RWE renewables, a foreign company. This proposal is the subject to a public enquiry at Skegness starting next month.

If approved, there will be constructed many miles of underground cabling across Lincolnshire from the Mablethorpe area via Boston to a huge new sub-station on Bicker Fen.

The environmental and economic damage caused to Lincolnshire will be immense, to say nothing of the destruction of residents’ lives.

It is scientifically proven that wind turbines save little or no carbon emissions. This is due to the manufacture of the turbines and all the infrastructure, and the construction thereof, together with quarrying, concrete, roads, millions of lorry movements, ongoing maintenance and the relatively short 20 - 25 years life of the turbines, after which all this work must be reversed.

In addition, new power stations running on coal or gas must be built and run continuously for when there is too little or too much wind.

There is one reason, and one reason alone, that is enabling this damaging charade to take place, and this is the massive profits made by developers at the expense of your taxes and your electricity bills. These subsidies are one of the reasons for the current round of gas and electricity bill increases.

Please do not stay silent, as developers and councils regard this as approval. With some 280 offshore wind farms planned for the North Sea over the next 20 years all needing massive east coast onshore infrastructure.

Complain to your parish, borough, district and county councillors, also your MP and MEP. The future of Lincolnshire is at stake.

D Bowler

Cowbridge Road