DEVELOPMENT: Village does need a pub

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I am somewhat confused by your article regarding the development of the Dun Cow site in Cowbit.

A few days ago I received an anonymous letter blaming Cowbit Parish Council for the loss of the last pub in the village, by not putting it on the Local Asset Register.

As I understand it, this would only have delayed the inevitable by a matter of weeks. Surely the outcome is purely down to market forces. I believe that the proposed developer has offered more money than the potential publican.

This reminds me of the last anonymous letter that went to some houses in the village,at least to those nearest the A1073 in the west of the village, suggesting that they all wrote to The Public Enquiry in support of the new A16 by-passing the village to the east. This dozens did and were successful. Since the new road opened, moving all passing trade out of the village, we have lost our petrol station, our post office and our pub.

More than a few who are objecting to the new development supported the route of the new A16.

The village does need a pub, so isn’t this an ideal time for someone to build one in a more central position?

Doug Braybrooks