DEVELOPMENT: My town is progressing backwards

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So J Whitehead can’t understand the fuss over the eco development of the former Butterfly Park in Long Sutton, well let me explain.

I have lived close to the proposed development all of my 65 years, 40 of those with my wife and two boys, both of who still live in Long Sutton.

The road in question certainly is getting busier, despite what the out of date traffic survey may suggest.

This is particularly so in the winter months with lorries transporting crops from Lutton Marsh and surrounding farms.

This is the period when the Butterfly Park was closed for the winter so comparisons with the new development do not apply.

We were told to expect 200 cars from the site when the plans were originally viewed. This was without taking into account heavy plant and equipment during construction.

With the Peele School, nursery and leisure centre also feeding traffic onto this road the dangers are obvious.

As regards the so-called eco development, one has only to look at the eco developments either end of the town to see what monstrosities the proposed development may be. I believe they are a blot on the landscape.

I have sat on my hands and watched the town I know and love be subjected to more and more development in the name of progress. In my view we are progressing backwards!

WL Cook

Long Sutton