DEVELOPMENT: Confusion over contact with parish council

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In Tuesdays Free Press you published an article regarding a possible development off Wardentree Lane.

Being a resident of Wardentree Lane we have received two mail-outs from the developer behind this proposal.
One of these gave a brief outline with regards to the proposal and within it contained the following statement:
“We have already liaised with Pinchbeck Parish Council.”
At this point my interest was aroused to the point were I contacted my parish/district council representative hoping he could shed more light on the matter.
 I received a reply back stating: “As far as I am concerned and other parish councillors we know nothing about this and for the developer to suggest they have liaised with the parish council is misleading.”
At this point I contacted the given email address hoping to receive some clarification as to why there was some confusion over this statement – to date I have received no reply.
This leaves me concerned as to what is happening in this matter albeit in its very earlier stages.It may transpire that an error occurred but if the courtesy of a reply had been forthcoming it would have relieved my curiosity.

Reuben Holmes