DEMOCRACY: Crowland DOES have it

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The writer in last week’s paper alleging there is no democracy in Crowland couldn’t be further from the truth. We have a county councillor and three district councillors elected in 2011. All four were elected through a ballot and I can personally vouch for that having trudged around all of Crowland delivering leaflets. I still have the scars to prove it!

For the Parish Council election in 2011 no ballot was necessary because the number of candidates did not exceed the number of councillors required but nevertheless it was an election, and personally I have been elected through a ballot on previous occasions. There have been several resignations since, generally for personal reasons, which gave the opportunity for the public to call for an election to fill the vacancies.

That process has not been triggered and often it has not been possible to find anyone prepared to come forward. Fortunately co-options have eventually occurred.

The reference to ‘allotment holders being thrown off their allotments’ is also far from the truth. The council is proposing to move the allotments and provide at least as many but with improved facilities.

Allotment holders and the gardening club were consulted when the Parish Council was working up proposals to make better use of its assets. Those proposals were reported within the town magazine and were the subject of a daylong exhibition .Representatives of the allotment holders were invited to and attended an individual session.

Far from the proposals being ‘some self satisfying scheme’ they are serious attempts to secure an improved income for the benefit of the parish.

Parish councils are, perhaps, guilty of poor PR but people throughout the country spend hours of their time working for the good of their community with little gratitude. We do, however, do it because we love the town we live in.

Bryan Alcock