Dangerous master or valuable servant?

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Thought For The Week

Money is tricky stuff, isn’t it? Looked at one way it is a harmful substance. If it gets into your blood stream it is a poison, opening up weaknesses and creating cravings that are quite as dangerous as any addiction. And because its risks are not recognised widely enough nowadays, and our culture actually depends on it and actively encourages and promotes it, many people seem to have surrendered without a struggle. It’s very sad.

However, it does not have to be like that. Money, like fire, may be a dangerous master but it is a valuable servant, and it is very difficult to imagine life without money helping things to run smoothly.

So, be grateful for what you have and always appreciate the good things money can’t buy so recognise its limitations, and you should be all right.

There is enough money to go round but it tends to be unevenly distributed, with some people having more than they need and others far too little And that is where humanity can step in.

You can tell those who are really in control of their money by how they spread it around to where it can do most good. Those who have more than they need, using perhaps a credit union like the ones in Spalding or Holbeach, make what they can spare available to other people who could do with more, on decent terms.

That way everyone benefits: lenders do not have to worry about stockpiling, and borrowers do not have to worry about meeting basic needs, their own and their family’s. Smiles all round!

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting