DAIRY FARMERS: Why disparity in milk price?

Letter writer says dairy farmers are getting a rough deal
Letter writer says dairy farmers are getting a rough deal
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In the earlier part of his life, my father got milk from a cow.

He would sit on a one-legged stool that was shaped like a capital T. I remember watching my dad as he rested his forehead against the cow’s flank, before uttering soothing words like “cush, then, cush, suthen, cush, cush...”, and the cow let the milk come.

The warm milk was strained through muslin into a tall white jug to get odd bits of straw and dirt out of it, and then we used it.

I, on the other hand, get milk from a glass bottle or a plastic container.

A few days ago, I went into a local supermarket. I was a bit disappointed not to find a pretty little heifer gambolling around in the milk aisle but, while I was there, I looked at the price of milk.

Ordinary fresh milk was priced at 45 pence for one pint, 75 pence for two pints and 89 pence for four pints.

Now, if one pint costs 45 pence, why doesn’t a two-pint container cost 90 pence and the four-pint container cost £1.80?

If this was the case, our dairy farmers would get the extra 15 pence and 91 pence?