CYCLISTS: Top Gear types are an insult to older generation

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As a cyclist, who until recently biked to work, I fully understand the problems and dangers cyclists face when cycling for the early shift down West Marsh Road.

Unfortunately there is now a rampant culture of selfish, bad mannered, motoring that is often considered to be normal.

One of the elements that promote this culture may be the BBC (a state-funded broadcaster). I have written to the BBC on many occasions about their universally popular programme Top Gear.

This programme features middle aged, middle class, journalists and presenters (not factory workers). These people have a consistent view, which regards pedestrians, old people, cyclists and others who like to obey the speed limits set by law as a nuisance and a hindrance to those who believe that our roads should be made more accessible to those who only drive fast cars. This selfishness is often the way they promote their opinions and their views. They also believe that only their notions are contemporary, amusing, and totally in tune with modern culture.

My most recent complaint was about a programme that featured (in my opinion) older drivers as ‘idiots’ and a ‘nuisance’ on the roads and this was feebly countered by the reply that this was ‘only good natured banter’.

It is nothing of the sort. It is an insult to older people. It is, also, by extension, an insult to people who have respect for safety and the speed limits, and it is certainly an element that promotes a threat to cyclists.

While I believe such a culture exists, I will never criticise a cyclist on a pavement because our roads are not safe and they are becoming less so. By the way, Clarkson et al, when are you going to take responsibilty? Let’s all withhold the licence fee! Why not?

David Turp