CYCLISTS: The swoop did not work

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The swoop on cyclists did not work as the very next day cyclists were still riding on the pavement.

The police need to hit them harder and more often. I was walking my dog and one cyclist came towards me and did not slow down but squeezed past on the narrow path.

Dogs are unpredictable and do not follow the highway code – if my dog had decided to cross in front of me or behind as she sometimes does, my dog would have been hit by the cyclist and the cyclist would probably have ended up in the road.

Who knows what the consequences could have been and who would have been at fault?

Park Road has a major problem with cyclists riding on the path (the picture you have shown is on Park Road).

Those caught were on Pinchbeck Road. The police really should consider hitting Park Road at school times rather than catching people going to work early morning, as many parents are cycling on the paths and teaching their children to do the same.

This is teaching the next generation – this is what you do and the problem will only get worse.

Neil Bingham