CYCLISTS: Similar to died-up African riverbed!

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Much has been made in this paper of the state of our roads in recent weeks, and to their credit, Lincolnshire Highways is making visible progress in addressing many of the potholes in the area.

However, no-one has seen fit to mention the parlous condition of what is laughingly called Park Road ‘level’ crossing. Locals had to put up with weeks of disruption last year while this crossing was closed to upgrade the line for heavier rail traffic, yet every time we travel down Park Road we continue to be faced with something very similar to a dried up African riverbed.

We should at least be grateful for the ramp signs, which have been in position for at least six months now, although there is no hint that remedial work will be carried out soon.

In light of the rail regulator’s recent advice to Network Rail to close as many level crossings as possible, is it their intention to close Park Road, thus saving themselves the cost?

Richard Simpson

Via email