Cyclists on our pavements an accident waiting to happen

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It seems cyclists have taken over our pavements as so many people are riding on them.

The police do nothing about it and now it seems they have given up trying to control this problem.

My concern is it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

Many people like myself have driveways and back out onto the road.

I myself always look for pedestrians walking past my drive, but a cyclist is moving a lot faster than a pedestrian and will be behind your vehicle before you know it.

With many paths obscured by the neighbours’ garden fences, walls and hedges etc many cars need to back out on to the path before they can see properly.

By this time for the cyclist it’s too late. I have one question: Who is at fault should this occur (which I think will in time)?

The car driver carefully backing out of his drive or the irresponsible, thoughtless cyclist riding on the pavement.’

Mr N Bingham

Park Road