CYCLISTS: It’s not just the footpaths

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Regarding cyclists, it is not just the cycling on the path, but what cyclists do when they come to a side road.

Often they just ride straight off the path without looking onto the road and the fact is made worse when they ride on the path towards traffic as any driver coming up to the give way has no chance of seeing them as he/she will be looking to their right on approaching the give way – by the time he sees the cyclist it will be too late.

So far this week on the occasions I have looked out of my window I saw a woman cycling on the road then the path. When she neared a side road she went back on the road, crossed the junction then back on the path and on to the road again at another junction and back on to the path again, all without looking once to see if traffic was coming up behind her when coming off the pavement.

Another two youths coming home from school rode off the path onto the junction without looking for traffic – one of them decided it would be a good idea to start swerving from side to side on his bike for quite a way. When he went to pass a parked car he was still doing it, taking up all of the road, with vehicles coming up behind him which he was oblivious to at this point.

I looked down but when I looked back up I could see part of his bike sticking out from behind the parked car laid on the ground.

Then I saw him checking his bike on the path before getting back on it and carrying on with his journey – I can only assume he had fallen off.

Another was a woman walking with her child on her bike – 50 feet or so behind her on the path riding towards traffic, walking towards the girl on her bike were four youths who were taking up all of the path. By coincidence they were walking past a parked vehicle, so the girl in all her wisdom decided to pass them by coming off the path and riding on the road towards the flow of traffic passing the parked vehicle.

Not only was she cycling on the road the wrong way but again did not bother looking to see if traffic was coming before she pulled out to pass the car.

I have not seen any police in this area so far but feel it is necessary to sort out this chaos before someone gets hurt.

I think the police should be out and about more often and returning to hot spot areas way more than they are at the moment to get on top of this cycling madness.

The only way to stop it is to keep issuing fines – the sting in Pinchbeck Road last week only worked for a couple of days. The cyclists are now back to their old ways.

Mr N Bingham