CYCLISTS: I feel sorry for fined cyclist

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I write as a driver, cyclist and pedestrian.

I actually feel very sorry for the cyclist who was fined £30 for cycling along Park Road on the footpath. I realise she was doing wrong but I question whether she’s more of a danger on the path or the road.

The parked vehicles on the north side of Park Road means all the traffic is fighting for the middle of the road and some vehicles are driving in the opposite gutter to try to squeeze past without stopping. If the traffic is light, or the road is clear of traffic altogether, then the cars using the road tend to exceed the speed limit.

It is frightening to be on a cycle being aware you are blocking a lane for a motorist. If you are travelling towards Winsover Road, then pot holes and sunken drains throw your front cycle wheel all over the place and you are safer to yourself and motorists to be out of the way on the footpath.

Obviously you should dismount if meeting a pedestrian and not veer out into the road.

It’s a problem for all road users, but I’m not sure I agree with this fine.

Cars and bikes do not mix.

Pat Newby