CYCLISTS: He needs to cycle to work once in a while

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I would like to reply to the letter in the Spalding Guardian of July 25 by Neil Bingham: “Cyslists cite danger roads as an excuse”.

I cycle to and from work twice a day, I cycle aprrox 20 miles a week in total, so I feel I am fully justified in commenting on the danger of cycling on the roads in Spalding.

The roads are appalling, they are full of pot holes, mainly on the edge on the road, just where the cyclists have to cycle.

Whilst cycling to work I have to endure not only pot holes, but car drivers opening car doors without a thought of whether or not a cyclist is cycling past at the time, cars pulling out in front and cutting in front of you.

I cycle on the pavements in certain areas, this is for my own safety, however I always get off my cycle when I meet a pedestrian.

Only last week whilst cycling along London Road, I hit a pot hole, which instantly did damage to my rear wheel and chain – this has cost me almost £40 to get repaired.

As you cycle along Hawthorn Bank, there is a very large hole next to the railway gates – this hole has been reported several times, and nothing has been done about it.

The only way to get around this hole is to ride on the path, otherwise you have to cycle round it which would cause you to ride straight in front of the vehicles coming up behind you, which would result in you being knocked over.

So my message to Mr Bingham is – if he thinks the danger on the Spalding roads is being exaggerated by cyclists just so they can abuse the road laws, he needs to get his cycle out and try cycling to work once in a while.

He will soon find out how dangerous it is to cycle in some areas in Spalding.

Christine Bent