Cyclists: don’t obscure your high visibility vests with backpacks

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It may have been the death of Tim Osborn that made me notice the cyclists during our journey to and from Spalding on Tuesday evening, but I was surprised that most of them, whilst wearing high visibility vests or jackets, were not easily seen as on their back they had dark bags hiding them.

May I suggest that in addition to the high visibility jackets cyclists either add similar stripes to their backpack or find another way of carrying them so that the reflective jacket can be seen.

Like many others, I will miss chats with Tim when visiting Morrisons but most especially during the coming Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal when his happy banter helped the time pass during the long evening sessions.

He also helped us clear away on the last evening with a parting message: “Only 50 weeks until you’re back.”

Joyce Boyer

Catherines Way


PS: If anyone would like to help Pinchbeck Royal British Legion with the poppy collection please contact us on 01775 762661.