CYCLISTS: Cyclists cite danger roads as an excuse

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I was outside in my garden when a cyclist had stopped and was looking at a pedestrian and complaining to me, because the pedestrian took a picture of him cycling towards him on the path.

Unfortunately for the cyclist he stopped to complain to the wrong guy as I am totally against cycling on the path.

As I pointed out to him there was hardly any traffic on the road so why was he riding on the path?

With no reply that I could hear except for a grumble, off he went.

I do not cycle myself today as I work very long hours and after a shift am too tired to cycle home, but would certainly cycle on the road if I did venture out.

It is not a danger. My wife often cycles to and from work and always uses the road with no problems.

Danger on the roads in Spalding is being greatly exaggerated by cyclists who just use it as an excuse to abuse our road laws, by cutting the lights and riding the wrong way down one way streets.

Neil Bingham