CYCLISTS: Cycle on a Sunday from 8pm to 9pm!

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In response to David Turp’s letter of July 25 about ‘Top Gear types’.

Here we go’s the car versus cyclists war!

First us car drivers are moaned at because our cars are a little ‘loud’, and now we are being influenced by such programmes as Top Gear. This is a lighthearted programme, which not only apparently dislikes cyclists, but may I also remind people that it also promotes our car industry, which in the past has taken a beating that has resulted in car plants closing and redundancies becoming common, but due to Top Gear, it has helped promote new models which has kept jobs safe.

I am a woman and I love my cars. I drive a loud, fast sports car, but at the same time drive it with consideration towards other road users.

As for the comment on discrimination towards older people, it was actually an elderly gentleman who hit my car a few years ago, and he was the one without car insurance!

I think I have found a solution to this problem. I suggest all cyclists should go on the roads on a Sunday between the hours of 8pm and 9pm. Why? Because all of us car rebels will be watching Top Gear!

Lisa Parker

Formerly of Spalding