CYCLISTS: Action needs to be taken against them

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Another moan again about cyclists, but they really are getting worse than ever now – action needs to be taken against them as they really are very arrogant now.

It’s not all of them I know but still a high percentage.

Only today I saw a cyclist cross the road on his bike and cycle no-handed towards a learner driver – how stupid is that?

Only yesterday I encountered a father with his daughter who was around seven years of age riding towards me side by side on the wrong side of the road – luckily for them there was no traffic on the other side of the road.

I had to move over as they made no attempt to get onto the path or stop – had there been a vehicle coming in the opposite direction I would have had nowhere to go and the result would have been tragic for both of them.

This problem arises with them being allowed to cycle on paths as I have said before – they cycle in any direction but when cycling towards traffic on the path at some point they are going to come across a side road or a vehicle parked on the path, leaving little room for them to get through.

This is when they cycle off the path and ride towards traffic until they come to a lowered kerb where they can then rejoin the path.

I also saw when out walking two cyclists on the road, then a little further down the road one of the cyclists decides to ride on the path, then the road and back on the path again. Three cars passed me and as the vehicles got close to them the cyclist on the path decided he would rejoin the road just as the first car got level with him.

I took a sharp intake of breath and my heart missed a beat as he was so close to being taken out.

The police or council should set up a team with video cameras and simply monitor the problem for a day or two from 5am until 7pm to see how bad and what problems are being caused by cycling on paths.

Just pick a street used by parents on the school run or near to traffic lights – Park Road is popular as I live there and see many cyclists taking big risks every day.

It’s only going to be a matter of time before I see one wishing theyv’e got wings after being hit and sent flying through the air.

Mr N. Bingham