CYCLING: We need police on the streets

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I have read the response to the Polish lady complaining about her ticket for cycling on the pavement as she was unfortunately hit by a car two years ago.

I do not agree with her claim that it is safer to ride on the pavement, and, if no one is about, why are you cycling on the pavement?

I have lived here all my life and always cycle on the road and it is not bad at all. My concern is with the pedestrians as I feel it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is hit by a cyclist going to fast on the pavement.

Many just use the path as an excuse to skip the traffic lights or ride down one way streets the wrong way. Many of our paths are not wide enough to take both cyclists and pedestrians.

At the moment along Pinchbeck Road, the pedestrians walk on the inside and the cycle path is next to it. Then you have the trees and grass and the road, but what was not considered was people who walk their dogs – grass and trees to a dog is heaven and they want to walk on it, leaving the owner walking on the cycle path as the verge is very high.

I have been in this situation and met cyclists coming towards me who took offence to me walking on their cycle path.

I would like to remind these cyclists by law they are to give consideration to pedestrians even when on a cycle path. That said the complaints of cyclists seem to be vehicles speeding and passing too close.

There seems to be one thing missing that could sort out all our problems and that is a police force on the street. Years ago you dare not ride on the paths or cycle without lights as you would certainly bump into an officer.

I remember it well along with the fines.

Neil Bingham