Crowned with milk-white May

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Thought For The Week

May Day is traditionally associated with flowers and garlands. Flower festivals are held this month in many of our churches. They celebrate the beauty of the world around us, reflecting creative skills and imagination.

Soon, we will enjoy nature’s own display. Roadsides will be lined with the lacy white flowers of cow parsley or Queen Anne’s lace, often known locally as keck. Such annual flowering is taken for granted but clothes the countryside in a way that uplifts the spirit. St Matthew records Jesus’ reference to the ‘lilies of the field’.

He encouraged his followers to ‘consider how they grow’. It’s through contemplating the beauty and integrity of creation that we discover life’s true riches. ‘Even King Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these’!

‘Spring goeth all in white, crowned with milk-white May’ wrote Robert Bridges, associating its flowers and blossom with Whitsuntide. For Christians, this month is one of promise and peace.


Holbeach Methodist Church