CROWLAND LIBRARY: Letter was offensive and an insult

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I would like to draw your attention to an offensive letter posted in Crowland which first of all berates two Conservative Party members for supporting the closing of the Crowland library.

First of all let me say that at this time I have no particular allegiance to any party. However, on this occasion the Conservatives have it right.

In an age of austerity when the public purse is being stretched to its limit I believe we have to ask, what is value for money, especially when considering the following:

We are at a point when technology is evolving at a rapid pace with the advent of E readers and home computers etc. Times have changed since Carnegie endowed libraries and let’s not forget, it was common practice for books to be lent for a fee, at many bookstores.

Presently, we only have a partial service for a small number of hours per week. By using volunteers a better standard of service giving better access to the community and a wider range of books and services may be attained by tapping into grant funding.

I am truly sorry for those who will lose their jobs, but it is, I believe a folly to carry on with something that is ultimately unsustainable in its present form.

Presently a steering committee has been formed and many people have volunteered to run the library.

Subsequently these volunteers were contacted with a questionnaire regarding their skills; there was an extensive list asking for some fairly advanced skills.

Does the author of the letter, who has not seen fit to grace us with his name, really believe that the people of Crowland are “an assortment of volunteering amateurs who might not know answers to your questions nor be able to operate computerised equipment what a mess it’s going to be”.

I find the above quotation offensive and an insult to the intelligence of the people of Crowland, many of whom have retired from professional and demanding careers in industry and commerce not to mention teaching and are willing to give something back to the community.

V Harding