CRIME: You stole my roses with no thought at all

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I would just like to say thank you to the thief who stole some Christmas roses from my garden overnight on February 17.

I hope you enjoyed taking them and the recipient was thrilled with their gift.

It would seem that your theft was pre-meditated as you took the time to carefully cut the stems, so you must have come armed with a pair of scissors or secateurs.

At least you left the plant and roots so I can grow some more next year. In your carefulness, you did leave a few flowers for me to continue to enjoy, for only on Sunday I looked at the abundance of roses and thought how lovely they looked.

As it was too far for you to go to a florist to buy some flowers of your own, perhaps as a thank you to me for providing you with a gift, you would like to make a donation to my household – I’m not too greedy, £10 would be acceptable.

Next time you want to get flowers, can I suggest you wait until the florists open, spend your money there, and leave people’s flowers alone.

They are not yours to take. You selfish, selfish person – only thinking of yourself and no thought given to the person you have upset.

Disgruntled resident

West Elloe Avenue