CRIME: Where are all the uniformed police?

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I read Inspector Tyner’s letter on police priorities in Thursday’s Spalding Guardian.

I am sure that our police try their best for us. The problem as I see it is police presence. Where are all the uniformed police? In 1980 there were four shifts to cover the Spalding area 24 hours every day of the year.

Each consisted of a sergeant, double crewed traffic vehicle, a rural car north, a rural car south, a town car and up to four constables on foot patrol. Not working full shifts were five beat bobbies in town. Crowland had a sergeant and two constables. Pinchbeck had a constable as well. There was a CID department to deal with more serious crimes.

One also had uniformed officers in Holbeach (24 hour cover), Whaplode (two), Sutton Bridge (one) and Long Sutton (two).

Nowadays we have a much vaunted task force to combat hare coursing but there seems to be a dearth of actual visible officers in uniform carrying out regular police duties.

My question to Inspector Tyner is: “How many warrant card-carrying uniformed officers do you have working 24 hour shifts?”

I readily admit that I did see a PCSO one morning a year or two ago when I was walking in town but her powers are limited.

My point is, obviously, if there are more police in uniform on our streets, there will be more of them to deal with drunks in the town centre, graffiti on the Park Road footbridge, cyclists on the pavement and with no lights after dark, littering and etc.

Nigel Wickenden