CRIME: The twelve frauds of Christmas

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I am an e-subscriber to the Lincolnshire Police Headquarters and received this genuine message from them on December 3.

I have taken the liberty to copy the main message and resend it for all to read.

As we gear ourselves up for Christmas and the New Year festivities, there is a real likelihood we will let our guard down when we’re going about our purchases.

Many of Spalding’s finest criminals will have already plotted their ways and means to fleece you of your money by whatever means.

This “The Twelve Frauds Of Christmas” from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau is a timely reminder to us that we guard against such crimes from despots, villains and general dregs of society in Spalding.

There is an appropriate website, email address and phone number at the end of their message should you need their services.

The Twelve Frauds

of Christmas

“The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has compiled a list of twelve frauds that the bureau suspect criminals may use during the festive period. Please find attached information relating to different frauds and ways to protect yourself:

1) Online Shopping

2) Postal Fraud

3) Auction Fraud

4) Holiday Fraud

5) Electronic “E” Cards

6) Ticketing Fraud

7) Phishing Emails

8) Social Networking

9) Cash Point Fraud

10) Voucher Fraud

11) Card Not Present Fraud

12) Mobile Payments

If you have been a victim of fraud, it is important you report the matter – visit Action Fraud website – or telephone 0300 123 2040.

I do hope all of you reading this will cut my letter out, pin it somewhere appropriate when shopping online or in person, and have a safe and happy shopping experience free of all these kinds of fraudsters and their sinister motives.

Alan Long

St Thomas’ Road