CRIME: Kneejerk reactions not good enough

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Regarding the story: “Successes by police see crime fall by over 14 per cent”.

Commendable success Mr Hardwick but what about the elephant in the room?

It’s all well and good reducing anti-social behaviour, burglaries and thefts from vehicles but Lincolnshire still has one of the country’s worst road death records.

Isn’t it about time you placed more emphasis on changing the behaviour of Lincolnshire drivers and enforcing traffic law; particularly speed limits?

Adhoc and kneejerk reaction to the likes of the recent death of Nigel Duffin is simply not good enough.

Please, recognise what’s important to the safety of Lincolnshire residents rather than indulging the emotional.

Isn’t the prevention of just a single road death worth it?

Andrew MacDonald