Cowardly scooter thieves anger me

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READING again this week that someone else has sadly had their precious mobility scooter stolen from outside their home by some cowardly thief angers me so much.

As a user of a scooter myself I understand what a devastating effect it has on a disabled or elderly person when this happens.

Do these cowardly thieves not understand that we scooter users do not use these vehicles just to joy ride around the town on a Saturday evening or do “doughnuts” in Sainsbury’s car park but that we actually rely on them to carry out simple tasks like posting a letter?

I cannot walk more than a few feet without being in constant pain from a crippling illness and without my beloved scooter I would be totally housebound. And may I add they are not just a few quid but can cost up to £5,000 or £6,000.

So you cowardly thief, when you next decide to steal yet another scooter, as I’m sure you will, just think again and realise that you are putting someone’s life at risk.