COURT CLOSURE: Everyone must have access to justice system

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I refer to your article in last Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

I absolutely agree with Mr Alexander’s summation of the new proposals.

Justice can only be called that everybody has access to it and clearly these arrangements will restrict that access for many.

Closing this court will make travel to and from hearings extremely difficult in a county where public transport can be described mediocre at its very best.

Most people fortunately never have the need to attend or appear in court but if they do it will probably be a frightening and intimidating.

It is essential therefore that at those moments we would have confidence that those representing them do so completely in their interest and are not there to facilitate a rubber-stamping of another prosecution.

It should be remembered that the police have no motivation to gather evidence that might disprove an allegation or lead to acquittal, only to present that which might indicate guilt.

I have felt so incensed by these proposals that I have written to John Hayes MP.

Colin Mardell

Holbeach Clough