COURSES: Disappointed it’s closing

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I recently attended two new adult bite-sized cookery courses entitled “Everything you ever wanted to know about fish” and “Everything you ever wanted to know about shellfish” at The Sage Restaurant, Red Lion Quarter, Spalding.

I would like to congratulate the chefs Steve and Carl on the first class, professional, informative and fun evenings. The venue and facilities for these classes are superb and run in the evening, which makes them available to working people.

I was so disappointed to find out that this restaurant is due to close and no longer be available for either producing food or used for any educational purposes.

It is such a waste, both for the town and people who could make use of the facilities and learn from experienced and knowledgeable chefs.

There are more bite-sized courses on offer throughout the winter.

The next one is “Everything you ever wanted to know about game”.

It is a great testament that all the people on the first course also came back to the second one and found it just as enjoyable, informative and tasty as the first one.

Well done Boston College. In the words of Oliver Twist: “Can I have some more please?”

Margaret Staite

Heren Place