Couple’s first parish council meeting was an eye-opener

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Having never attended a parish council meeting before, my husband and I were somewhat shocked and taken aback when we attended our first such meeting which was held in Moulton.

The first thing to be discussed was the proposal to stop holding the “open forum”, which we believe is held at the beginning of each meeting and where villagers like us can go and contribute or ask questions.

We were surprised at why the council would not want public participation. Surely they should be actively encouraging people to take an interest in the place they live and how the council spends our money?

Any “time wasting” we observed seemed to come from some of the councillors who, it seemed to us, were focusing their energies on stopping people speaking in the open forum and whining about having to deal with complaints from the public.

We also felt that the rude comments made to PCSO Bev Robinson were totally out of order.

In addition we were shocked at the arrogance of Councillor Bryon Hahn, who seems to think that just because he is a volunteer this gives him the right to say that the concerns of other people means that his time is taken up by talk that he deems unnecessary – unbelievable.

So in conclusion, it was quite an eye-opener for us at our first parish council meeting.

William & Pearl


Bell Lane