COUNTY ELECTIONS: Compulsory voting is the way ahead

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I wondered if I may be able to share a most humbling experience with you and your readers.

Recently, I was encouraged by friends and customers to stand as a candidate for Folkingham rural division.

The result showing an increase for the Lincolnshire Independent vote of more than 260%.

I am still really flattered that 1,020 voters placed their faith in me as a candidate, despite voter turnout being down on the previous election.

Had I managed to secure a further 212 votes from the incumbent, then it would have been a classic David verses Goliath scenario! The leader would have fallen.

In fact, communications of support and congratulations have flooded in.

I also happen to know that I managed to convince an 18 year old voter of the importance to use her vote. I hope it was for me!

Shamefully, 63 per cent of the division’s voters could not be bothered to use theirs at all.

Compulsory voting has to be the way ahead. I believe this would really worry the big political parties.

What has also been encouraging, is that a number of supporters of one of the bigger parties have congratulated me.

I am already being encouraged to stand in future elections. The big challenge appears to be that of enthusing the 63 per cent of non-voters to stop moaning and vote.

Lincolnshire Independents made significant gains. Big changes can be achieved if you really believe.

Jan Hansen