County council’s short-term education fix is putting schoolchildren at serious risk

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REGARDING the November 24 Spalding Guardian article about Spalding Primary School: “More pupils will mean road chaos” – I think it only touches the tip of the iceberg.

Visit the area on any school day and you will witness some or all of the following:

nCars parked illegally at junctions and on pavements, blocking residents’ drives and some parents becoming abusive when asked to move.

nParents parking on zig-zag lines outside the school.

nChildren and parents cycling on the pavement.

nIncreased litter.

nThe pavement outside the school and the walkway to the side are completely blocked by parents and children before the start and end of school.

nThe school car park is now full, so staff park on the road.

nThe lay-by or drop-off area is blocked off with cones to stop parents from parking in it before the start and at the end of school.

When we moved to Woolram Wygate there was a school and we accepted there would be minor inconveniences. We also accepted that two “temporary classrooms” were necessary until the new school on Wygate Park was built.

The school was originally built to accommodate 360 pupils and I fail to see how Lincolnshire County Council can expect the infrastructure to safely support an increase to the 630.

Following numerous letters of complaint the only solutions have been:

nThe school has written to the parents asking them to be more responsible.

nThe police have visited and “talked” to parents who are parked illegally.

nHighways have said this problem is replicated at all schools in Spalding.

 What will be the response when numbers increase? Will it take a death or serious injury to cause a rethink?

Equally worrying is the county council plans to use the S106 monies allocated for the development of the new school at Spalding Primary.

Surely this is “stealing from the future” and considerably reducing the chance of a new school ever being built? We also understand LCC gave away a third of the land allocated for the new school to the developer at Wygate Park – do they not want to build this school?

LCC needs to seriously reconsider their proposal and stop the  short term fix that puts children and adults at serious risk.


Woolram Wygate