COUNCIL TAX: Cut red tape and help us with payments

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Regarding the report on a proposed council tax scheme in the Spalding Guardian of October 24.

Residents of South Holland and the Deepings are being asked by South Holland District Council how they can help people with paying their council tax for 2014-15 period.

Considering all the cut backs to services wouldn’t it be nice if our council tax bill was reduced for all next year, but I very much doubt that.

Despite council tax bills being frozen it still feels as if we are paying more for less with the decline in services.

But as stated in the report, with the current government reducing its funding to councils I think there is a hint in the report that residents of South Holland can expect an increase next year.

With all the energy bills on the rise again, many households will be finding it difficult to balance their outgoings.

Payments of our council tax are normally carried out over a ten month period, giving people that two months of recovery time.

I would sooner see the monthly payments be made payable over a rolling twelve month period. This would be one way of reducing the actual monthly payment that many people still struggle with.

I do realise people on benefits and low income need special help and the current government scheme is going to be replaced by a local council tax support scheme, but for those people who don’t qualify for help and support most people would like to see more flexibility built into the actual payment plan.

There are insurance companies that do this and other bill payments are direct debit over twelve months, so why cannot we see our council cut the red tape and implement a simple solution to help us all in general with the council tax payment.

With the 2014-15 tax period being five months away I am sure this scheme could be achievable to implement for next year.

I know it would not reduce the bill, but it would feel more affordable in the longer term.

Rodney Sadd