Council not ‘cleared of wrongdoing’

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The interview with Rev Winn in the Guardian of March 8 cannot go unchallenged.

Which part of the letters page of February 23 is it that Rev Winn did not understand. The £61,500 of VAT money was not lost through an “auditing error” – it was lost through the gross incompetence of the then clerk.

Furthermore the external auditor did not “clear the council of any wrongdoing”. The public interest report gave a damning indictment of the errors and omissions relating to the council’s finances.

It is unfortunate Rev Winn did not attend the March meeting as ample opportunity was given for residents to ask questions, with only a hint of angst being shown by a very small minority of councillors.

Rev Winn states that now is the time to move forward – what a shame his careless words will most probably have caused further damage to the relationship between the electorate and the remaining councillors.

Susan Wilson