Council leader should get all the support we can give him

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HAVING been following the features on the energy plans of district council leader Gary Porter I feel he should get all the support we can give him for trying to do what he is doing.

It is fantastic that someone wants to stand up for people’s rights against the energy companies – they are all so greedy.

People need all the help they can get, even more now the winter fuel payment has been cut for the pensioners after they have paid into the system all their working lives and they can’t afford to keep warm due to the rising prices of both electric and gas.

Even working people are frightened to put the heating on because of the cost of it.

My husband and I would be interested in joining the scheme to change energy companies if it means we will be able to save money on our energy bills.

We economise as much as we can by having energy saving bulbs and turning things off when not in use but still worry about the fuel bills.


Days Lane