COUNCIL: I wanted to give them a chance to speak

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I reply to the intemperate letter from Mrs Rowe in last week’s paper.

Far from objecting to my contact details being available, I remain one of the very few councillors who distribute newsletters from time to time, at my own expense, containing just such information.

Michael Booth’s and my objection was to an inaccurate and misleading leaflet being circulated with ONLY our and our clerk’s details, and no information on the source or provenance of the leaflet, which is wildly misleading.

In calling a public meeting, attended by many a few weeks ago, I was mindful that interest in the matter of the energy park stretches over several parishes and communities.

My only task in calling that meeting was to see that everyone who was present, and who wished to, had an opportunity to speak or put forward an opinion.

Details and notes from that meeting have been submitted to the district council.

As to whether or not we need a parish meeting.

Anyone can call a parish meeting if he or she is an elector, and can secure the required number of supporters so to call.

Chris Brewis

County councillor

Bridge Road

Sutton Bridge