Could we provide commemorative open air performance area?

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May I apologise for the cancellation of the third of this season’s musical events organised by the Friends of Ayscoughfee and the Ukulele Orchestra because of the inclement weather.

If the weather is kind these events can attract 200 people who stay for the duration and many more who linger for a while.

Within the gardens is a potential site for a more permanent performing arts arena once occupied by the toddlers’ paddling pool.

In the first instance the surviving pavilion could be extended to create a performance stage for music of all kinds, for theatre and dance events.

The next stage could be the covering of the old paddling pool area, now grassed over with large awnings, to provide some protection for the audience.

The Friends hope to reignite the concept of, and reinvigorate the commitment of, all those local residents and visitors from afar who have over the past 16 years enjoyed the summer programme of Music in the Gardens.

This could be an opportunity to raise funds through donations and grants to provide a more permanent open air performance arena – a commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee, a Queen Elizabeth II performance arena.

For the last royal Diamond Jubilee the residents of Spalding raised funds to purchase Ayscoughfee Hall and its gardens as a commemorative gift to the town.

Could we rise to the challenge again? With the people’s help we could make it happen.


On behalf of the friends

of Ayscoughfee and

Spalding Ukulele Orchestra