Congratulations to John – a real local celebrity

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Reading Jean Hodge’s feature on inventor John Ward brought a smile as it was a change to read something so entertaining.

Not being an internet person my daughter soon got me in front of her screen and typed in his name and I was amazed at so many entries that made connections with his work and was taken aback to see that he has even designed and made comedy awards for the Edinburgh Festival soon to be happening and has done so for some years but to his credit he has not shouted about it unlike some would and do.

Going to his website and viewing its contents took quite a while with the various items and credits so cannot understand why we have such a celebrity in our midst that it seems his talents are not used at a local level unless I have missed something as surely all those people concerned can’t all be wrong and all we could find was the cabbage hurling contest at the Holbeach show recently which was a masterpiece in its simplicity judging by our neighbours who went there.

Shortly after I read Jean’s piece my attention was drawn to him on Sky News and his latest creation the Little Berning Fire Brigade and Freddy the Fire Engine being a Reliant three wheeler with a wheeled big ladder, pumps etc and how the presenter kept up with him was amazing.

In an age of come and go supposed celebrities it was heartwarming to read Jean’s feature about a modest person who has achieved so much but remains so cool and calm without his being in the media every chance and should be an object lesson to those who don’t have anything to really offer and so well done John a local real celebrity like it or not.

David Matthews

The Orchard

Market Deeping