Congratulations for giving greyhounds new homes

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I am writing regarding your article and endearing photo, “Huge landmark for county trust as 1,000th greyhound rehomed”, January 14.

Congratulations to greyhound Rick, and to Vicki and Dave Wells. Kudos to Kevin and Mandy Stow and to all involved at Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust for devoted and tireless work helping greyhounds’ transition to well-deserved new lives in loving homes.

We cannot fathom our dogs enduring inhumane confinement day in and day out, or facing the risk of injury and death racing around an oval just so people can bet on them.

We do not consider our dogs as investments to be valued only as long as they generate a profit.

Nor can we imagine not caring for our dogs if they become injured or as they age. That is no way to treat a dog.

Caryn Wood