CONGRATULATIONS: A privilege to spend time with Maurice

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On behalf of the Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding I am honoured to pass on our congratulations to Maurice Chappell on being awarded an MBE for his services to those with learning difficulties in the local community.

We have played and sung (I shall not mention the dancing!) regularly for the Gateway Club, organised by Maurice and his wife Vera in an effort to provide a stimulating activity for the Gateway members. Without fail, every time we have joined the members for such activities, we have spent the evening with smiles on our faces and genuine joy in our hearts, privileged to be in the company of these wonderful

people. Privileged, and humbled, to share time with people such as Maurice and Vera, their daughter Claire and all her friends, safe in their knowledge that folk like these make Spalding a better place. Bless you all.

John Baguley

Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding