Complaint letter was an absolute load of rubbish

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I was incensed to read the letter in today’s Spalding Guardian.

The remarks regarding the amenity site were insulting to the staff and also totally incorrect. What a very childish remark to state that “there is no effective management and the staff seem to prefer delays” I think this person is just criticising to cause trouble with such a juvenile remark.

My family use the site on a regular basis, and at no time have staff refused to help – indeed they are usually present at the boot before we have alighted from the car. Why do some expect to be helped with their rubbish – it’s your rubbish and you have had to load your car yourself, so why expect somebody else to unload it at the site?

I wonder if you even say a “thank you’” when you are helped?

As for the staff being told to assist with the garden waste and thinking this would alleviate the queues, think again, as it is not only garden waste that is disposed of at the site, but many other items to go in bins that are clearly marked on a one-way system where patience and thinking of other people is needed.

Why do some people expect to arrive at the site, drive straight in, and be able to deposit their rubbish with no delay?

Somebody has to do this work and it should be appreciated that it is not a very exciting or pleasant job and where would we be without this site?

The remark regarding delays at the site is absolute nonsense as once when we arrived there was a queue of 17 cars and to save blocking the road further we went back home and returned later in the day. Isn’t this the most sensible thing to do?

Does “Spalding resident” know what patience means and that many residents require the facilities of this site? Perhaps you should telephone before leaving home to enquire the length of the queue.

As for pushing brooms around – this is a necessity as some drop their rubbish, usually grass cuttings and plant greenery as they are going to the bins and do not bother to pick it up. This then has to be swept up by the staff.

The staff also have to ensure that the hoppers are filled correctly and then close them down and this is not inspecting containers, it is to keep the rubbish compressed so people can deposit their rubbish.

What a pity’ Spalding Resident’ didn’t want to be identified after writing such nonsense. What are you afraid of?

Connie Cronin

Claudette Avenue