Compassionate bus driver went out of his way to help

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We so often have reason to complain about bad service, but this time I would like to say a big thank you to a driver from Brylaine Buses.

On Thursday, November 24 he went literally out of his way to help an elderly lady who had missed her bus to Quadring.

My sister and I were debating how best to help her to get home from Gosberton (the bus goes from there to Boston) when the driver asked us if we minded to stay on the bus a little longer because he was going to phone his company to ask if they would permit him to go a few extra miles to take the old lady closer to home.

To our greatest amazement they agreed, and we all (there were a few other passengers on board) travelled to Quadring and dropped the lady outside the post office.

Well done to a compassionate bus driver and well done also to Brylaine for sanctioning his actions.

Karin M Cook

Medway Close