Compared to this eyesore, the Superdrug building is a palace

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Reference to Lynne Harrison’s report in the Lincolnshire Free Presson August 14 regarding South Holland District Councillor Christine Lawton and her remarks about the Superdrug shop in Hall Place.

When speaking at a recent Spalding Town Forum meeting, Councillor Lawton referred to the shop as being one of the “ugliest in town” and that it is “vile”.

Well I am sorry Councillor Lawton, all I can say is that you do not get out and about in the town centre much. Open yours eyes and take a good look at some of the shop fronts not very far away from Superdrug.

Firstly I think Superdrug has a good quality, clean looking shop front that has been there for years and fits in very well with most of the shops in Hall Place.

Secondly let me ask a question of our council members. Why pick on Superdrug?

There is a shop unit in the Sheep Market that has the heading The Local above the window which is blanked out by stickers and white wash all over the window.

This for me is one of the eyesores of the town centre, just obscene and has nothing going for it at all. Compared to this, Superdrug is a palace.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road