Compared to others in town, Superdrug is not that bad

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I WOULD like to reply to Coun Lawton’s statement that Superdrug is the ugliest store in town.

She obviously has not walked the rest of the town, which has horrible signs, windows which are covered so no-one can see in and look rather sinister, and posters on the outside held on with sticky tape.

So compared, I think Superdrug is quite well presented.

I think a tulip would look rather nice, but did Superdrug not deserve a polite and respectful ask instead of slating them in the local paper when others obviously do not abide by the rules?

Maybe it’s time Coun Lawton went to the uglier shops and ask them to remove the covers, so that we can see through the windows, therefore making it more pleasant and encouraging for people to enter.

It would make the area look cleaner and less sinister as we all know, shop windows are the soul of anyone’s business making a great selling point.