Comments about this town stalwart were disrespectful and distasteful

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I write in response to the article in last Thursday’s Guardian, regarding a memorial in Holbeach for the late John King.

Mr King was a real gentleman and he was well respected and liked by many people in this town.

I think few people really knew just how much he did to benefit the community, because he was not the sort of man to brag about such things.

His passing was a sad loss for all who knew him, and also for the town for which he did so much.

When I read the article I found the comments made by Councillor Isobel Hutchinson to be both disrespectful and most distasteful.

The views of the parish council simply show that they have little respect for a man who did so much good to help so many within the community he loved.

I fully support Mrs Rudkin’s belief that Holbeach should have a memorial dedicated to the memory of John King.

I would hope that this can be organised without any involvement of Holbeach parish council as they have rather shown their true colours by displaying such an unpleasant attitude.

Carters Park is certainly not the place for a memorial because then the parish council would need to be involved. There must be better places to commemorate such a genuinely good and caring resident of Holbeach.

I cannot believe a councillor would publicly make comments like this. It is disgraceful and she should feel ashamed.

Esmond Tearle