COMMENT: This campaign has never been about race

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IT’S good to see a letter from a member of Spalding’s Polish community in today’s paper – and very interesting to read some of the points that he makes, too.

I’ve always insisted the “We’ve Had Enough” campaign was against anti-social behaviour in the town, but with a lot of that anti-social behaviour committed by immigrants, the boundaries easily become blurred.

Neither the papers nor MP John Hayes – the man behind the campaign – have ever advocated a campaign against foreigners in Spalding and it would be horribly wrong to do so.

Well over 1,500 of you have signed up to the campaign and Mr Hayes will soon present your coupons to the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire and the leader of South Holland District Council.

As Mr Kowalski says in his letter, we do have to make some changes. Both organisations have been working hard to cut out anti-social behaviour both before and during the campaign, but there is clearly still a lot of work to do and resources are scant.

I have noticed only this week that the Abbey Path drinkers have started to return and so has their litter and empty beer cans.

We will not, as some would prefer, ignore letters on the subject from sensible writers or block constructive website comments, but on the other hand we will continue to make sure the problems do not develop into a sounding board for racists.

Our papers may be changing but our commitment to fair, accurate news that reflects the community we live in will not.

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