COLUMNIST: A breath of fresh air

John Ward at the Eccentric Party launch ANL-150121-161620001
John Ward at the Eccentric Party launch ANL-150121-161620001
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Like many people it seems, I look forward to reading the thoughts of John Ward, your new columnist, and have quite a good chuckle in the process.

I can often relate to quite a few points he picks up on. I just loved the bit about the stair lift encounter – very true.

It is nice to have something to smile about, especially after being browbeaten by all the highly complimentary letters running up to the elections this year – some were beyond being laughable.

We went out to lunch the other weekend and it was interesting to hear the comments from other diners on adjacent tables discussing John’s column. All were very favourable.

People seem to be able to relate to different aspects that John picks up on, such as reports of hospital tests, with all having a ring of truth about them.

The main thing was that everybody was chuckling away and I can’t recall this happening for ages in such a case, certainly not in Spalding.

He will no doubt have the usual killjoy critics but, in all the reactions I have seen and in my own feelings about his writing, I would encourage John to carry on.

I for one am looking forward to the next offering – we all need a smile nowadays.