COLUMN: MP excelled himself on this occasion

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In common with many people I was delighted to find that Hayes in the House had reappeared in your paper.

They are always worth reading but on October 28 John really excelled himself, even if I did need to get a dictionary out.

Sadly, what he says is all too true.

People no longer live in the real world. There is more concern about the problems of characters in soaps.

Many people go about with a phone virtually glued to the ear.

Whenever some wonderful new invention arrives for the benefit of us all it so often gets put to detrimental usage.

The scientist who invented dynamite regretted it; likewise the one who first split the atom, believing it would be beneficial, instead it is an ever more destructive force for evils.

Scientists were once described as mad, nothing seems to have changed.

Technology has become ever more dangerous.

When TV became more

accessible it was for culture and to inform, not the wall to wall trash it has become.

One of the letters last week (October 28) pointed out how lucky we are to have an MP who stands by his principles, even, sometimes, against the party whip.

Furthermore John fights for his own people, locally. I have benefitted from that aspect of his work, more than once. In spite of the weight of high office, during difficult times, he always has time for ordinary people’s problems.

Composer Grieg, John and I are in sympathy re: trolls.

Mrs Landan

Market Deeping