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John Ward
John Ward
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I do like reading John Ward’s wry look at life in the Spalding Guardian, as do quite a lot of people I know. Thursday is their laughter day when the Guardian gets grabbed and read.

My daughter’s friend works in a care home and the routine is when afternoon tea is served she reads to all those in her charge – and the laughter speaks volumes.

I do agree with his outlook at the people who canvas or sign people up to assorted charities who give their bank details to total strangers for direct debits and it’s mind numbing that people do so without question.

Although he is so self deprecating, friends of ours still refer to the school reunion column he wrote. He made us laugh describing how classmates had changed, but then his descriprtion of going to funerals of those who could not make it was truly moving. To quote from Charles Dickens: “Can we have more sir?”

Rosanna Mitchell